Monday, August 23, 2010

The Acts of the Apostles

Welcome to the Theology 11 (Honors) website. This will be your online resource for questions, reading assignments, and links to aid your research. We are starting off with the Acts of the Apostles, and here is your first set of questions:

1. Briefly summarize the events of the first Pentecost. What charisms (gifts) did the Apostles receive and what purpose do they have for these gifts? Can you think of an Old Testament story that is, in some way, the "opposite" of what is going on here? Describe it.

2. Compare and contrast SS. Peter and Paul as Apostolic Leaders. How do their efforts at Evangelization differ? In what ways are they consistent?

3. Analyze the social structure of the Apostolic Church and contrast it with the social structure of the Church today.

4. What need prompts the institution of deacons? What are the elements of the Ordination of the deacons? (What do the apostles do to them to make them deacons?)

5. Analyze St. Paul’s speech at the Acropolis to the Greeks. How does this compare to the way Paul speaks to the Jews?

6. Describe the Gentile vs. Jew controversy and analyze how the Apostolic Church ultimately dealt with that controversey.


1. Pentecost is often associated with the sacrament of Confirmation. What is the nature and origin of this connection? Based on your experience of Confirmation preparation, how well is this connection explained?

2. The efforts of the Apostles in evangelizing others is directed toward making converts and then having them receive baptism. Acts records mass baptisms of hundreds, even thousands of converts. What "goes along with" these baptism events? What sort of "follow up" do the Apostles provide to the new converts?

3. See question #4 above.

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